Two Minutes of Tech: Swiftkey Keyboard

Two Minutes of Tech: Swiftkey Keyboard

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Swiftkey Keyboard is the smart keyboard. He learns how you type to give you the most custom typing experience on your Android device.

  • It's the best smart keyboard for Android for fast SMS, chat, text and email, becoming the default across all your apps.
  • It’s packed full of customization features including over 70 colorful themes, layouts for all screen sizes and devices, and supports over 80 languages.SMARTER AUTOCORRECT
  • Express yourself with over 800 emoji characters (emoticons) and useful Emoji Prediction
  • wipe your finger across the touch screen to type with SwiftKey Flow or tap predictions to enter whole words in one go for easy, fast typing.  AND MORE!

The Rook

THE ROOK'S TAKE:  Any tool that can help your communication device do things faster is a boon to your business. If typing can be made more streamlined for texting or writing, why not go for it?


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