Two Minutes of Tech: Evernote Scannable

Two Minutes of Tech: Evernote Scannable

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Scannable moves paper forward. Scan contracts, receipts, business cards, and any paper that comes your way. Save or share documents instantly and move on.

  • Automatically capture high-quality scans anywhere
  • Point your camera at documents, expense receipts, or whiteboards. Scannable immediately captures them.
  • Scannable automatically rotates, crops, and adjusts images so your scans are clear and easy to read.
  • Send documents to colleagues via email or text, or export them as PDF and JPG files to Evernote and other apps, and much more....

The Rook

THE ROOK'S TAKE:  I can't say enough about the fabulousness that is the Evernote product line. From the namesake itself to Scannable, their line makes life and business a whole lot easier, and with their latest release, scanning items from documents to manage, to business cards, to contacts, they have once again outdone themselves for your business.

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