The Mindfield: Your iPhone and Panoramic Photography

The Mindfield: Your iPhone and Panoramic Photography

The wonders of the mobile device never cease, and the pieces of the puzzle that may fall into your lap that the competition may not have, continue to grow

For example, ....its amazing how easy and quick panoramic photography has become.

if you keep an eye out...

For starters, the new update for the iphone has a simple panoramic feature in the phone's camera app.  It allows you to simply "follow the arrow" to create a terrific aggregate panoramic picture in your phone's image library without costing you a penny in the App Store.
And the virtual tour is a snap with combination attachment/applications for your iphone.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 2.46.47 PM

Pixeet allows you to take images 360 degrees around a room, floor to ceiling as well, and it even tells you where to point and click to make it all happen.  It then stiches together the images into a flawless composite photograph of the selected room.  Quick and easy, you can then send your potential client a thorough glimpse of any given room they wish to see.  the person looking at the photo can then move their phone around as they look at that photo, and see the room from any angle they choose, almost as if they were there....

See how a simple lens mount and accompanying app gives you this leg-up on the competition?  Here's another way....

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 2.49.43 PM

Another attachment/app combination is Eye See 360 Go Pano.  This allows you to take 360 degree HD video.  It does the same thing Pixeet does, but with full motion HD video.  With the ability of texting photos and videos using mobile devices, you can instantly give a potential client an all encompassing video view of every bit of a room.....
The resulting  video gives the viewer the same option Pixeet does, as they view it on their phone and move it around. they could watch the same video 20 times and not see the same thing twice!!!

There are also applications such as 360 panorama and video 360 that give you a certain degree of the same for free in the App Store, as well as Roundshot, which gives you the option of using their third party panoramic equipment and their application to utilizes a webcam environment.


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