The Mindfield: Technology & Managing Contacts

The Mindfield: Technology & Managing Contacts

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In our line of work, it’s a rarity when you don’t meet a new person every day.  As time goes by, the frequency and context of business and personal relationships grow scattered, intermittent, often brief, and steadily more complex.  In this day and age, and especially in this thing we do, the importance of not just keeping up with our contacts, but observing the level and intensity of that business relationship is growing more and more key.

Tech has ways of helping you with all of that.

First of all, the most basic part of working in a social field like Real Estate is organization.  Yes, keeping track…..

The first line of defense, and key thing you have to maintain a knowledge base of, is the business card.  That is addressed in depth in another dazzling episode of The Mindfield dealing with Tech and Business Cards. Run along and check out your options in that department, but hurry back!

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Next, once you have captured the contact, you need to keep a good working knowledge of your database.  There are some terrific ways of doing that.

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Smartr is an app that aims to do it’s job, but is robust in doing so.  It creates a terrific visual database out of your contacts, detects and assigns phone numbers, works across social networks and email, is searchable as it keeps data of the contacts, and aligns itself with email, SMS, and the ability to make a phone call.  It really is one stop shopping for your contacts.

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Speaking of that affore-mentioned social network angle, SyncMe and SyncMe Birthdays keeps contact information in your database updated by utilizing those social media outlets, so you don’t have to.

If you’re looking for a sharp looking contact organizer that’s easy to access when you’re simply looking for a name or number, Clear gives you that in spades. Infinitely easy to use, quick, and snazzy looking, it’s a nice choice if you’re into the whole simplicity thing.

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So, now you’ve organized your captures, neatly placed everybody where they need to be and have some options on keeping that golden information current. What do you need now?

Relationship management is a whole next level of business contact control that technology gives you a leg-up on the competition for.  Contactually is a service that pulls in your key contacts from social media and email and keys you in on their importance and when you need to get back in touch.  As it builds profiles of your contacts it reminds you to stay in touch, helps you find other business opportunities resulting from your current contacts, and build and maintain further relationships.  It also keeps track of details and conversation history that you or your team may have had with folks so you stay “top of mind”.

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Regarding that  “conversation history”,  Evernote Hello is a great fluid option.  It keeps a timeline-styled history of your relationship, as well as details of the meetings you may have had with these individuals.  You will not just remember their names, but where you’ve been and what you have done together.  Remember that it's important for your clients to feel important.

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Speaking of making others feel important, is without peer in giving your contact that special vibe. Emails are emails, but when you personalize the touch you're giving with you speaking eye to eye through bombbomb's wonderful video method, you're going the extra mile, and your contact will know it.

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And lastly, the coup de grace of your relationship, the cherry on the top, is the greeting or thank you card.  There are multiple ways that you can go in this department…..but a classy and rich way to go is Felt.  Yes, indeed it’s a digital way of creating a card, but what’s different is that you can use your finger or stylus so that it’s done in your specific handwriting.  A gorgeous physical card is then mailed directly to them the good old-fashioned way, so they can hold in their hands the fact that you not only remember, but appreciate them, and, hey, you did if all from your mobile device.

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From business card to thank you card, Tech has you covered.


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