The Mindfield: Location, Navigation, and Communication.

The Mindfield: Location, Navigation, and Communication.

The development of GPS technology and it's ties to the mobile device may very well have made it so that you will never get lost again.  Unfortunate though it may be that arriving late may never be something that can be eliminated, those waiting for you will forever have a reason to hold it against you should they not be informed of why they were stood up.

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We can thank the apps gods for that, for sure.  There are numerous ways for one to keep an impending meeting from going south with simply-used applications, apps that not only keep that all-important contact informed of your whereabouts, but also show that you are a courteous and thoughtfully considerate individual.

Both characteristics are good for business.

Let's start with Waze....


Waze is a community based navigation information exchange backed by constantly running GPS  that helps you get to where you have to go the most efficiently.  That community is 70 million strong and growing....Just by keeping the app open, you are contributing real-time info into the community, but you can also be helpful and proactive by contributing details yourself to that community as they report the same to you....

You can give whoever you are on you way to seeing a deadly accurate ETA, receive voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, get the lowdown on how your trip costs can be lowered, and Waze manages and keeps track of your own travels as you simply,

take a click below to find out a bunch more....

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Breaking things down to a bit simpler level. Let's just say your main concern is letting someone know when you're going to get to them, possibly even letting them know where you currently are.  The mobile device app has you covered in that arena too.  Twist and Glympse are  apps that are painfully easy to use.  Just pick your destination,  select the people you want to notify, and hit the road, Jack.  Something changes, the app will alert your destination's individual of your updated ETA.  Another cool thing about these apps is the ability to request someone do the same for you, and schedule them in advance.

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On the home-selling and buying front, everyone always seems to utilize (or over-utilize) the phrase "Location, location, location".  One of the ways that the greatness of the surroundings of a potential sale (or purchase) can be illustrated to a buyer or agent is the residence-searcher app known as Walkscore. AroundMe is another "Where Am I" app that gives the confused traveler key information they may need to be privy to, and the industrious agent can benefit from it's knowledge to be passed on as well.....and in our "movin' on" line of work, these two apps are indispensable.

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Being on the go with your business doesn't have to be intimidating, let alone stressful anymore, thanks to the mobile device's GPS and location application tools.


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