Safety in a Time We Need It

Safety in a Time We Need It

The sun rose on a sad day in our industry yesterday as law enforcement officials found the body of Beverly Lyn Carter, one of our own, a real estate agent in Cabot, Arkansas. She was apparently a victim of a slaying at the hands of a potential client she met at a late afternoon home showing almost a week prior to yesterday. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Mrs. Carter, and we wish them healing and health of heart in their time of crisis.

A chilling aspect of this situation is the alleged perpetrator of the crime, one Aaron Lewis, said he targeted Mrs. Carter because she was a “rich broker” who “worked alone”. Those words are veritable keywords of why Real Estate Agents need to be as careful as humanly possible. As time moves on and technology moves faster than that time, it seems, keeping ourselves safe is an imperative. It’s obvious we can use that growing technology to our advantage in that department, and we owe it to ourselves and our families to ensure that every possible angle is covered in making sure we do this thing we do as safely as humanly possible.

A quick way to screen a potential meet neighborhood is with Offender Locator, which allows you to see the names and locations of any potential sex offenders in a particular area of a possible showing. This is a high-selling app that can give you key information in a very short period of time.

Another option for you is Agents Armour, a mobile application for both the iMarket and Android that is all encompassing safety in a time and in a profession where meeting strangers can be part of everyday life. It is indeed multi-layered protection and was developed by a fellow with over 20 years of law-enforcement, including national security agencies, and is meant to be used in conjunction with the personal safety practices recommended by the National Association of Realtors, and through your Real Estate Broker’s safety policy.

See the video below for a quick wrap-up of how it works:

Guardly is another highly regarded safety app that utilizes your pre-chosen friends or family members as connections during a situation when you need to be on alert. A premium service enables another layer that can intensify your safekeeping during “heightened circumstances”.Moby gives you the advantage of linking up with folks who can utilize a GPS window that is opened for them or a group to see where you are. No install required for the people on the other end, as it enables their browser to allow them to see your location.  See below:


If you feel threatened, Real Alert allows you the advantage of a “quick tap” alarm, “quick tap” 911, quick tap “alert a friend”, and GPS location of nearby hospitals with a built-in flashlight. WatchOverMe will send emergency alerts on Facebook and Email if you fail to check in during a pre-selected time window. Premium service allows for an emergency alert to be triggered, video taken of what’s happening, and a location to be sent to loved ones, all with a shake of the phone.

Secure Show allows both ends of a real estate meet to verify each other’s validity, enabling both individuals to have the peace of mind that the showing is going to be a safe one.

In a day and age of uncertainty, technology can be used to create that certainty, and make you feel safe, and prevent disaster. The sad occurrence of the past week has illustrated how important being prepared and ready can be. It’s unfortunate that we need to take these steps, but there are avenues that make taking them easy and affordable, and we all have a million reasons to take them.  Stay safe, Homies!!


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