Mindfield: Business Cards and Mobile Tech

Mindfield: Business Cards and Mobile Tech

In Real Estate, as in any business, the business card is a necessary evil. The more people you meet, the further you travel, the more seminars and events you attend, the more of these things you will accumulate, and the more you will hand out.

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Unfortunately for your organization or collecting ability, in the Real Estate game, every contact, no matter what line of work they may or may not be in, could be extremely important. Important regardless of whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of the card exchange.

In short, it behooves you not to lose a single one of these things, and it’s a definite benefit in creating a top notch one for yourself.

So it is up to you. Do you want to come home from a convention, get back from a busy day out, or unpack from a business trip and have to deal with piles of business cards flying about as you take things out of your briefcase or bags?

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I didn’t think so.

There are options, and they may be no further away than your mobile device. Card Scanner options are in abundance, and usually at little to no cost to you. Cardmunch is a classic that does it’s job well, importing the card information as a contact, and even accessing LinkedIn. There are newer kids on the block, like ScanBizCards and CamCard, the former utilizes the cloud and provides web-based access to the cards, the latter giving you QR code benefits as well as sharing the contact across all your devices. The benefits of these apps are multi-fold, and the time saved is obviously considerable.

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There are some apps allowing you to share (and even create) electronic business cards for quick design and exchange including  SnapDat, among many others. The option of quick-shooting your contact info has created a second level of the business card game, the others I just mentioned like Handshake make for quick exchange and (even some creativity) for the hand-held business card set.

If looking for an easy option to create yourself some top notch physical business cards, without having to do a whole lot of searching, picking, designing, or driving around, (look, we all know you’re busy) there is Moo.com. Moo is a service that allows you to order from a slew of terrific high-quality designs, and tons of other high-end technological options right from your desktop or mobile device, with a quick turnaround that can be shot right to your doorstep. Some apps, like Kai Cards Pro, allow you to use AirPrint technology to print your own cards as well as offering a third party associated printer option to manufacture and ship them to you.

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