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Everything you need for Real Estate Tech and Social media right there at your laptop when you need it!  With's simple flat rate, you are given:

  • Full length classes on up-to-date technology and social media marketing information

  • Step by step videos showing how to use these Social Media tools

  • The latest in technology for your business

  • Applications for your mobile devices

  • The best in social media; what works, what doesn't

  • Video resources on technological tools

  • Up-to-date blogs to keep you fresh and in-step with the technological tools and social media marketing information as it develops

On your Mac or PC, gives you everything those expensive seminars on tech and social media provides without you having to shell out travel and attendance don't even have to leave the comfort of home... This is The Game of life, Make your Move.

$9.97 / Month

Let's Do This!

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